Mapping of sound sources using the SoundFlow sensor

siSourceView is a tool to scan the sound radiation of an object in the near field using just one SoundFlow sensor. The object will be scanned with the sensor while the position of the sensor is recognized by a video camera. The measured sound radiation will be displayed as an overlay directly on top of the video picture. Therefore the sound radiation becomes directly visible with very little effort. It is easy to show just small frequency ranges of the sound or to select even tonal components of the sound or even the modulations of a sound. These measurement and analysis capabilities make it a unique tool. It is very efficient if one is looking for a prominent sound source or the source of some disturbing elements in the sound of a machine.

Since it uses the true sound velocity and pressure measured near to the surface it can separate the sound sources very precisely. A dynamic range of 40 dB can be archived easily even for low frequencies. This is impossible for an acoustic camera who is in some distance to the object.