Sound pressure and sound velocity sensor

The SoundFlow sensor is the solution to measure the radiated sound power or the the sound radiation in the near field of a source. Sound pressure and sound velocity are measured at the same time.

It shows a very low self noise, is supplied by simple ICP supply of the data acquisition system and it is very robust. This makes iit uniquely versatile compared to all other solutions.  

Due to the direct measurement of pressure and velocity it is possible to determine the sound intensity for the full acoustic range from 20 Hz to 15 kHz with just one measurement. The self noise stays low even at high frequencies and the sensor is very small compared to classical PP probes with a diameter of 4cm.    

The sensor can be used together with siIntense for the sound intensity measurement and the sound power measurement by mapping the sound on the surface of an object. Using it with the software siSourceView allows for the detailed mapping of the sound radiation even without special measurement chambers.