siZeus siThor si++Workbench

NEW: siZeus is the further development of si++Workbench with significant improvements. The usage is much more flexible along with an increased complexity of possible tasks and easier handling at the same time.


With siZeus you can do simple sound level measurements and spectral analyses very efficiently and have them clearly displayed. For example you can directly create tables with sound level values.

You can also use our highly complex analyses – only available from Soundtec – to see more and accomplish more with your work. As we have developed our signal processing system si++ during the last 25 years you have the advantage of more than standard sound- and vibration analyses. Therefore siZeus can replace several measurement systems in one go.

All analyses in siZeus can be adapted to your needs with the help of siThor, the graphic editor.


  • One integrated user interface for all functions.
  • Several switchable measurement tasks, measurement setups and corresponding evaluation functions.
  • More than 100 analysis functions.
  • Online evaluation and analysis display while recording.
  • Several result tables with single values.
  • Automatic generation of documents and format conversions at the touch of a button or in the background.
  • Generation of new analysis functions with the help of the graphic editor siThor.
  • Interactive working with all elements of the si++ System for your individually adjusted measurement tasks in siThor.
  • Full compatibility to the former algorithms in si++Workbench and si++.


si++Workbench is a universal tool for different kind of measurements and analysis and packages. With a klick to the start button the complete measurement and documentation process can be started with the PDF documents as a result with no extra work. All steps of your daily work will be done simply and elegantly with Workbench. And if you need yet not available analysis methods we can provide these to you – often in short time.

  • Measure your test objects.
  • Manage your tasks.
  • Listen and cut your recordings if necessary.
  • Analyze your measurements with one of the many different functions available from all areas of acoustic and vibration analysis from simple level measurement to dynamic rotation analysis.
  • Design your documents and generate your reports automatically. With the optional task mode module your work can be shared and organized within a team even more efficiently.